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MIS Leuven Courses

Improve your endoscopic skills

Online and Hands-on Training

       MIS Leuven organizes courses on laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on a regular basis.


       These courses are designed to be hands-on, with exposure to the latest instruments and minimal invasive techniques.

       Practical exercises are combined with lectures by experts and, depending on the course, live surgery sessions.



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Are you on the GESEA MIGS Pathway?

The GESEA Workshop helps participants to practice the psychomotor skills used in the GESEA Certification Exam. Learn from industry-leading experts and receive personalized feedback to help you improve in LASTT, SUTT, and HYSTT exercises. 


The Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA) programme is a structured educational programme for Gynaecological Endoscopy. It trains  and certifies
knowledge and practical skills prior to surgical competence.

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Interested in practicing for the exam?

Get all the tools you need to train at home!

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