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28 - 29 November 2024




  • €990: Regular rate

  • €890: ESGE/MIS Members

  • €690: Residents

Special Discount:

ESGE/MIS Academy members, and medical students receive a special discount.


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The Laparoscopic Intensive Practical Suturing (LIPS) course offers highly practical training in suturing needed to acquire fundamental skills in laparoscopic surgery. It does this by training your psychomotor skills outside of the operation room according to current best practices.

The following topics are included in the programme:


  •  Ergonomy

  • Suturing

  • Intracorporeal knotting

  •  Rules and tips

  •  Clinical Applications

Hands-on sessions:

  • Suturing tests

  •  Z Line and Greek line

  •  Knotting lab gladiatior

  • Stitching sequences

  •  Difficult angles

  • Fine suturing

  • Extracorporeal knot and cinch

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28 - 29 November 2024

Intensive Practical Suturing

Hands-on training combined with live surgery sessions

Meet our Expert


Dr. Istvan Argay is a highly respected medical doctor and laparoscopic surgeon at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. He has gained a reputation for his expertise in laparoscopic suturing, and has shared his knowledge and experience through lectures and publications. In this key lecture, Dr. Argay provides an in-depth examination of the theory and techniques involved in laparoscopic suturing, with a particular focus on the proper loading of the needle and various knotting techniques.

He brings together a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to offer a comprehensive guide for surgeons and trainees seeking to improve their skills in this area. Dr. Argay's lecture is sure to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of laparoscopic suturing and to develop their expertise in this important field.

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